GIF the Portrait Project !!!

The GIF Portrait Project was very interesting. It was a little difficult at first I must admit. I was not sure of where I was going with this. I had no idea honestly. However I am extremely happy with the outcome. This is my first time experimenting with Photoshopping and I love it already. Of course I chose a portrait of Rihanna. She is amazing, I love her so much. This GIF consists of five different photo segments in which I played around with the composition through the use of filters, the color balance through the use of hue and balances, the style structure, and the format of the picture overall. I was able to add a glitchy filter to my GiF on Giphy’s website as well. I hope you all enjoy my GIF!! It’s so cool !! 🙂

Animated GIF

Image result for portraits rihanna

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