There were a million reese’ns why CT101 was the best! But it’s time to move on!

When I first entered into the world of CT101, I have to admit it was a bit overwhelming. For starters, I am not a morning person, so the idea of a 10:00 am classes didn’t appeal to me. But guess what? even with a game plan of taking only night classes, like my peers I got caught up with the festivities of summer; sleeping in, sunny days at the beach and late-night partying with friends that I completely neglected the responsible of registering until a week before school. So Going into the first week, I was thinking to myself

But as the weeks progressed, my bitter-sweet relationship with Ct101, turned into my new found love.

Therefore I couldn’t imagine not being able to make memes, but like all artist there comes the time to upgrade your craft! So with that being said I bid well to this Ct101 site and say hello to

I don’t know what my website has in store for me, but I am optimistic that the content I will be creating in the future will be just as amazing as the ones I have done so far!

So thank you again, CT101

And don’t worry I’ll be popping back up from time to time! So I’ll remain in touch!


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