I’m Movin On

Hey Guys,

It’s been real.

But, I’m moving on to something that is more me. I can’t say whether it will be better than this CT101 site, but I do know that I’m excited to go on the ride. I may post on this site from time to time [If I still remember my password :)]

I haven’t entirely decided what my blog will be about. I know it is not just going to be about one thing. As a journalism student, of course, I will be dedicating a portion of my website to journalism. However, the rest will be something that is out of character for me. (still deciding on what that will be)

Here is my first official post introducing my website. You can check out my websites and see more updates and blogposts at angeladegbesan.com

With that said,

By Angel Adegbesan

I'm a Journalism major and I hate chocolate ice cream

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