As the fall semester continues to roll right along, with more assignments and not enough coffee in the day, I at least have Thursday mornings to look forward to! Because if you get down with the memes then you know its CT 101 class baby! Ahh the infamous CT101, my bitter enemy turned new found love. Over the last few weeks, I have become more confident with both CT101 and my craft, that was until Professor Ryan introduced DS 106 in the mix, yikes! The feeling of overwhelmingness set in as I couldn’t exactly pin point which projects appealed to me as a digital content creator. But as I looked through the DS106 assignment bank, I finally found one that resided with me.

Apart from Ct101, I am also taking computer graphics for my minor in studio art. Therefore, the idea of taking two classes involving the use  photoshop will hopefully  give me an edge in the world of digital content creating! Because in an era of technology this skill will be critical in making a vital impression onto my target audience! and further developing my photography skills I picked up in Fine arts last semester!

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