Our Panoramic Story!!!!!!

This process was very interesting.  A little difficult at first, I must admit but we were able to pull it off. We found ourself struggling to make it around the photographer in time. There were also other students passing by who would ruin the picture completely. All in all, this picture took about 5 tries. But, We did it! It was an success!

We wanted our panoramic picture to express the series of emotions your typical college student undergoes day by day. If you notice on the far left we appear angry, irritated, aggravated. We want to go home. We are TIRED of school. Life is getting in the way and we are sick of it!

However on the right side of the picture our attitude changes. We are excited and happy. We are College ready. We included the use of a book-bag and a textbook to show that we are eager to learn and we are ready to tackle a homework assignment or whatever the case may be.



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