Panoramic And Family

Welcome to Pantomimic And Family Today I will be showing appreciation to  someone who I hold dear to my heart. My favorite cousin Lativa . Using the Panoramic feature on my phone I was able to capture and highlight her personality, one of the many things that makes her special.

When I came to her with the idea of helping me with this project she was very enthusiastic although, to me  it was a simple project. Before she arrived she had a soccer game. So you can imagine how tired she was having to come home to help me.  What I can say, while  trying to figure out how to property use the “pano” feature on my phone, she was already practicing the poses she would using. This made me realize how helpful and wholehearted she is. No matter how busy or tired she is, as long as you need help she’s willing to assist. As I was we began,Lativa was running up and down the hallway in order for me the get the perfect “pano”. In the pictures above you can see her posing. laughing, smiling, all of the above. Yes there were many other subjects I could’ve used to complete this blog post it would not have any significant meaning seeing that this is family.

Getting into the technical part of completing this project, I will say it is a bit difficult to capture the “perfect” picture. If you stop the ” pano” at a certain angle it will cause the image or person in the image to look either blurry or disfigured. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of what I was doing and was able to be successful.


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