first assignment

In this assignment, I chose Keanu Reeves as the protagonist and then transformed him into a zombie.
It was not very difficult to do it since I have knowledge of the use of photoshop.

In an apocalyptic world, even the famous actor Keanu Reeves has fallen into disgrace. This misfortune has made him a hungry and fierce zombie.

But thanks to technology and its constant progress, this famous actor could be saved with the cure that was applied and a lot of surgical treatment. sorry UMBRELLA CORPORATION, but this time you couldn’t win.

Second assignment

For this assignment use these 3 images of which I got them on the page

The images were inserted in photoshop.

In the image above I used the pen tool to trim only the part I wanted to be present in the image.

Then I put the images in the application and began to locate them as or where they would look good.

Then just cut, play with light, shades, opacity and have a bit of luck and faith. We got an excellent image full of magic.

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