The Wonderful Miss Adventure in Panoramic Photography

Woke up at 8:15 thinking oh my gosh I’m gonna be late for class. Rushing to find the right outfit for school, I settled on the idea of a sweater dress and pair of ankle boots because lets face it I was late! Caught the J train, ran up the stairs of the Academic core building only to find out that class starts at 10:00? So I could have been in bed asleep right now? It was then that I knew today would be full of surprises! Professor Ryan demonstrated a new photo technique that had me feeling totally anxious, The wonderful world of “panoramic photography”.

Split into groups and let your imaginations take flight, well for my group we struggled with this concept for the first half-hour. But after a few test runs- and location changes, we finally acquired the skill! and thus a beautiful photograph came into existence!





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