Memes are life. Life is art. Memes are art.

Any limitation on the definition of art would leave an underlying limitation on the art piece considered to be. It would be setting the blank page of one artist unequal to the blank page of another. 
-Tierra Desir



Art is a word used to describe creative expression. 

Art is a language. An open conversation or the lack of. 

Art is life.

Art is death.

Art is the bridge between what has been seen and never seen before.

Art is a feeling.

Art is subject to judgment, doubt, and hate.

But Art is freedom, available no matter the circumstance.

So it is also love and a representation of what we seek.

It can be kept in the mind and then freed through the body.

It can be carved into stone and held behind glass for centuries. 

It can be transformative. 

It can be pixels sparking minds through one’s senses.

Art allows the creators’ feelings to be understood without their literal presence.

Proof that we are more than the physical world.

Art will always exist.

Mouths may question it but the word will remain in conversations, always existing.

So you ask, are memes art? 

Memes trend for the very same reasons listed above. Yes, they are.


Written by Tierra Desir



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