Are Memes considered as Art in the Modern Era?

I’m sure that almost everyone knows what memes are by now. They have made people laugh, and even express their feelings about a certain topic and create jokes about how good or bad that topic is. But are they considered as art? In my opinion, I think it does. It’s a new take on creativity and expression through a picture of words and media.

It may not be a masterpiece, but it’s another way to show the world our emotions about something nonetheless. With memes, it allows people to create and even borrow them (meme templates for example) and make it as their own. It also gives them the will to talk about something many people can relate about and have a good laugh out of it. There are so many memes now that certain people create daily videos on the newest memes on YouTube.(Cowbelly’s Comment/Meme Awards features 500 videos dedicated to memes) I highly recommend watching their videos just to see how memes are an artistic form of imagination and heart to it. (As well as laugh, of course)

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