Are Memes Art ?

When you first think of the word “art“, the idea of expression comes to mind, typically in the form of sculpting, drawing or even painting? But not all art has to be created using clay, pencil or paint. Art can simply be the way you “express yourself” from the choice of music or the angles used when taking those notorious selfies? But did you ever stop to think that memes can be considered art as well? Because just like art, Memes help to express our emotions humourously throughout the internet!

Therefore art and memes have more of a striking resemblance than they thought?

and through the combination of expression and creation, lead to one interesting yet composite subject.

Yes the infamous Ct101, the stepping stone of meme-making magic! or so we thought? For us semi-creative types, we definitely got a run for our money! because trying to make memes, isn’t always an ace in the hole!

But one thing, all Ct101 students can agree so far is:

Memes are expressive.

Memes are creative.

and Memes are a good form of communication, that can brighten anyone’s day!

So the next time, you think of the word “art” don’t limit your idea to just sculpting and painting because art is so much more! It can be comical like a meme, bringing forth “self-expression”. See the resemblance? CT101 definitely has its perks! because without this intuitive subject we would never consider can memes even be art?  Thanks again CT 101!





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