DS 106 compare to CT 101 and what to learn

What you think you’d need learn to do them?

We should learn a new different kinds of Photoshop graphics and find interesting images to learn and that can be creative in design graphics. Everything can be challenged. Even though I have never though using gift  images to Animated sources

How many of these kinds of projects do you think you should be doing in this semester so that you might learn and build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create them?

In the past, I took Photoshop course in my high school.  I had learned images in custom settings Something never has forgotten that I have creative to. We can have learned new tools in the storytelling course that can be compare to DS106 at Washington school.




Why do you think these skills are or are not important?


These skills are  important  to  know for  our  major   when people like  becoming graphics, Web design or  other  techniques  in  world  like to learn Photoshop. I  had  enjoyed a lot doing photo graphic in high school using Photoshop and I have  learned graphic  in Webmaster club.I  would like it to use Photoshop one day.

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  1. Good work on this! Very cool that you were exposed to photoshop in high school and got work with it a bit! We are going to do more photoshop work in our class, get ready! Basic design skills are essential in todays digital world, photoshop knowledge goes a long way! Thank you for the post!

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