DS106 Projects and Me!

Something to know about me is that when I see something and I really like it, then I want to learn how to make it. When I saw different assignments on DS106, it made me want to try to create some of the projects that I found interesting and cool. That’s when I had to step back for second because I knew that I will not be able to create them without some assistance. I was really frustrated and annoyed but hopefully, I will learn how to create these assignments and gain the skills that are necessary to create these two assignments:  I found this Disney Mashup from the Mashup Assignment and thought it was really beautiful and brought some childhood memories.
I believe this assignment would be tough and more complicated since one of my friends tried to follow the steps to create this and it was a mess. Since I am not familiar with the concepts of typography and silhouetted, I loved to familiarize myself.

Two projects that I think I am capable of doing are: Visual Assignment “Places of Peace” which is like using different pictures to create a collage.

Visual Assignments “Who Said What” 

I am soo excited! Can not wait to explore my creative side!

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