SWEET VICTORY: CT101 My First Impressions

SWEET VICTORY: CT101 and My First Impressions

by Tierra Desir

I usually don’t get excited about my classes, but I remembered how great of an idea it was to register for CT101 the moment I realized it wouldn’t be like the typical class setting.

All I had to do was FINALLY share my creativity consistently. From there, I was pulled into my fierce inspiration/#GOGETTER energy.

Plus, when you’re this #EXTRAA you have to let it out or you might just start twitching.


I started scribbling artistic ideas and quotes of inspiration from Professor Seslow as soon as the class started. He mentioned that anxiousness is similar to the feelings of excitement. That blew my mind and we were only discussing the syllabus at the moment. In my visions, I saw colors, high mountains, blog post turned business outlets and collaborations with other classmates!! 

I was so excited to share my first blog post, but I can’t help but want interactions in the comment sections. Maybe my typical Instagram followers of mostly family and friends have spoiled me.

Truthfully, I hope the class will all interact with each other a bit more because at the moment the conversations feel more like…

However, I just made my first gifs’ and I will be soaking up all the Spongebob-Sweet Victory opportunities this class has to offer. Bring it on CT101.

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