My Two Project Ideas

While browsing through the internet, I found two projects I would like to work on. One is to choose my favorite photo I’ve taken and describe why I like this photo. 

The reason why I chose this project is because I feel that I could work more on my Photoshop skills since I am still a rookie in this field. Even though I worked on it on my last blog when I had to create Memes, I feel that my Photoshop skills could be better than it is now.

The second project I would like to work on is to create my own character and write about it.

The reason why I chose this project and the reason why I will work on this project first is because whenever I had free time back in Grade school (or if I was just bored), I always used to just create fictional characters and write stories about the adventures they have been through. I figured that this would brush up my skills on story-telling since I stopped when I graduated High school.

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