The day I met CT101

Even before this semester started, I knew it was not going to be an easy semester because I am taking 5 classes among them a writing intensive and a business class which is like a computer science class. When I read the classes’ descriptions before the first week of class, I assumed that at least  two of the classes would be boring and I was right.

This is how the first week went:

Tuesday, Aug 27: As soon as the class started I wanted to get out because I had no idea what the professor was trying to explain.

Then I realized the professor does not even have the book for the class, and he was telling students to buy it.


Wednesday, Aug 28:

The class(Bus461) started with: we are going to have a quiz every week, a midterm exam, a final exam, three papers 5-6 pages each, and a final project 20-35 pages.

The professor brought an example of the final project which was supposed to be 20-35 pages according to the syllabus that was done in the previous semester, and the example was about 85 pages long.

The feeling after getting out of the class

Thursday, Aug 29:

Right before the class started, I took a look at the class description and it says digital story telling. I was expecting a class where there is a lot of writing.

Then I was told there is no exam, and the class is not about writing paper.

Even more good news, the class is about making memes, GIFs, and building a website.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling