Two Project Ideas I would Like to Work on

Of the various projects given, there is this particular one that interests me called the Daily Create. I like the fact that there is something new every day. The toast challenge is something I think I can do because its as easy as taking a photo of toast and putting words on them. One thing I would say I need to learn would be Photoshop to create the meme. But, thankfully, I got a good grasp of it in class and I think I could get the hang of it. The challenge for tomorrow is the Alphabet in typography shape. Seeing other people’s early responses to this one, I think it might be  a little bit difficult. However, I am willing to try it out.

I believe I can do a few of these projects this semester because since its a new prompt everyday, I’ll never be bored. I will also be free from the double-edged sword of creativity that leads me to overthinking what I have to do or create. I appreciate that the prompts varies from being as easy as toast to challenging as typography. It would be a nice project to work on.

The only tool I could think of would be using Photoshop, obviously and perhaps a little bit of Illustrator depending on the prompt.

One project that I have no idea how to do it but interested in learning is the mashups. I think it will definitely be difficult but I’m always amazed whenever I see a mashup that is done seamlessly.

One that I definitely want to try is the mashup of videos of clips or photos of my favorite TV character.

I have no idea how to do this mashup assignment. But, fortunately, someone posted a tutorial of how to do it on the website. So, I’m definitely going to try it out and keep you posted.

I believe these story telling skills are important because it is a form of expression. And since expression comes in different forms, this daily create challenge could help me channel my inner creative self to express myself in a delightful manner.


By Angel Adegbesan

I'm a Journalism major and I hate chocolate ice cream

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