Are MEMEs art?

True beauty is in the eye of the beholder so for someone to question whether MEMEs are art or not is up to them. MEMEs make life a-lot easier when you’r texting someone and they say something and you can just easily pull out a MEME from your phone and just send it right to them for that situation.

Personally, I feel that MEMEs are art because they have a unique beauty about them that really cant be compared to anything else. The fact that people really sit down, look through the internet for MEMEs and actually come up with different ideas for them is actually amazing. So all I have to say to people who believe MEMEs aren’t art is

If anyone wanna argue with me about memes not being art, I can just hit you with multiple MEMES, I got them ready for everything plus I know people with more memes for everything else so

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