The First Day of CT101

I already had high expectations for this class because my friend had this last semester and had nothing but good things to say.

I’ve always been interested in computer technology so I had a feeling I would enjoy the class. But when I had to wake up in the morning I was like…

I didn’t miss waking up early in the morning for school, but I had to drag myself out of bed anyways to get to class on time. 

Walking into York I felt like I haven’t been in the school building in so long. I couldn’t find the room so I panicked a bit.

I finally found it and I sat down at the first computer I saw as I waited for class to begin. When professor Ryan showed us the website, I saw some of the posts and saw how amazing  and funny the posts were.

Hearing Ryan tell us that we should have fun in this class and to take our time perfecting our posts made me feel at ease. I tend to be a perfectionist so being able to take my time for our assignments was a big relief for me.

I’m excited for the things I will learn in this class! I think this will be my favorite class.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling