the art of making memes

At this time of the semester is when I feel identified with university memes.
and these are kind of my favorites. Today the definition of art has changed considerably compared to what it was before. Now the masterpiece of art, to be considered as such has to at least obey these characteristics

  • It is a product or activity carried out with an aesthetic claim.
  • A communicative function is pursued.
  • The message communicated has more to do with emotions than with factual or objective information.
  • Art responds to pre-established cultural canons.

In my opinion, memes are an abstract art form with humorous properties that sometimes allow a better understanding of some concepts. As they also facilitate the learning of certain historical events or literature, clearly, there are different types of memes, which are those that are only based on the comic aspect based on animated series movies or television. There are also the memes that are made for certain types of public, such as engineers, philosopher designers, scientists among others.

Resultado de imagen para memes about science



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