My First Post- What’s Making Me Happy On The Internet

With classes in session for Fall 2019, it’s back to the reality of  healthy eating once again.

Gone are my summer days of eating those Little Debbie Swiss or Strawberry Shortcake rolls I really like while not having to worry if  I can cover that new pimple with concealer or having to suck my gut into those “new school” jeans.

Or so I thought? My surprise when I looked into the mirror.


Luckily I have Rosanna Pansino’s youtube channel to still enjoy my cravings without counting those calories. Oh HappyDay!!

Who would think that staring at a computer screen filled with desserts, would bake be crazy? But it surely does, especially when I come across this video!

Cause you know how Swiss rolls and I already go!


Another reason I can’t help myself to one of Ro’s confections videos are those Girls Scout cookie cupcakes. Like hello there gorgeous!

So for some people, a little retail therapy or video game streaming might bring them “internet happiness”  but for me its Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies channel that will be my what makes me happy on the internet always!!















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