Are Memes Art?

I love memes I can always count on Instagram and Facebook to find good memes that can make me laugh. Every time I see a funny meme I always think “who comes up with these?” I think it takes creativity to make a meme people can relate to and to laugh at.  

Since making a meme takes creativity, shouldn’t it be considered art? Here’s a meme that I made about CT 101. 

Some people might say memes aren’t art because they don’t take very long to make. However, I think memes are art because memes are a creative way to convey a message. Memes are usually made to relate to many people or to make people laugh. People are even turning memes into movies like the Grumpy cat. People even redraw memes like the Rolf meme from the show Ed Edd n Eddy. 


Look at how this person transformed this Rolf meme by adding a wig. This person changed this meme to relate to a specific group. This kind of reminds me of an artist that redrew the Mona Lisa as a black woman.  Transforming a famous piece to make it new and unique is an art, memes are similar to that because people make new memes everyday.

Art is supposed to make you feel something and it’s supposed to be shareable, all things that memes are! Memes are a new form of art and they’re here to stay.

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