ArE mEmEs ArT?

Personally, I believe that memes are a form of art. Memes allow people to express their feelings and emotions. I usally use memes to explain most of my emotions whenever I cant explain it. Most of the time I randomly send memes to people because that is what is on top of my mind.

The oldest meme that I remember is this one..

This is when I used to watch WWE Wrestling. To understand this meme you have to watch WWE back in the days. Whenever the General Manager of Smackdown got tired of a wrestler, he would set up a match between that person and the Undertaker. The Undertaker is essentially a final boss level.

I use this meme whenever a person post something outrageous on the internet.


Some  memes that I made are these. I chose these two background images because they are my favorite. So this is basically a mixture of my favorite memes and CT related memes.

The classic spiderman meme cracks me up all the time.


I chose this courage the cowardly dog meme because I used to watch this show on a daily basis. I made this meme relevant to my class.

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