Are Memes Art?

There should not be any sort of question that questions if memes are art or not because CT101 clearly says otherwise.

I never thought of memes as a form of art until I started taking ct101. The more I learn about memes the more I was intrigued about them. Although, the definition of “memes”  is associated with cultural and behavior, however, in my opinion, it is a form of art due to it representing an expression that conveys certain emotions. I prefer memes over museum because when I look at a meme that I can relate to then it makes me happy. It evokes emotions like “at least there is something that I can relate my emotions with” not some museum painting. Memes make me happy.

People who create these memes have to work really hard and be creative in order to attract people attention just the way an artist would do when painting, sculpturing, and drawing.

Two of my favorite memes that I relate on a daily basis are:

When my little brothers think they can add another dish and get away with it.

All the time.


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