what makes me happy on the internet

There are a culmination of things that makes me happy on the internet, but if i had to boil it down to three simple things it would be reading comics and manga, watching videos, and playing video games.


Image result for beastars legosi

Whats on top is the latest manga I’ve been reading it’s called Beaststars. Its a really nice read and if I had to some it up shortly its about Nature vs Nurture.

This is one of my favorite youtubers that I enjoy watching online. Hid name is Caleb city and he makes a lot of small funny skits.

Image result for bioshock infinite songbird art

One of my favorite video games that I’ve download online has to be Bioshock Infinite, which is also the last game of the Trilogy. The picture above is a picture of a scary enemy you had to run away from in the game it’s name is Songbird.

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