What is making me happy on the internet ?

Panda’s on the internet is making me happy the reason why it makes me happy because they are loving animals and ones who love food as much as I do. I love the combinations of their colors, those meant to me as in if colors can live and get along together and so can people as well.  I went on a trip this summer and finally saw a Panda for the first time of my life.  I was happy I wish I got the chance to pet him or her. 

The photo above is another picture that is making me happy right now I shared it on facebook earlier in the morning. The two men in this photo are my father and my uncle, they were best friends.  For years and they both mean the world to me.

This song is making me happy on the internet because it just came out this summer. I like this song and it puts me in my happy place I sometimes dance to this song. I constantly put this song on repeat many times during the day.

Image result for spongebob meme These Spongebob Memes are making me funny right now because they are making laugh and people are just ridiculously funny .

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