These are CT reactions

CT 101 allows me to express my creativity using gifs and memes. This is a dream for me because my phone is full of this kind of content.

Me walking into CT after going up all those stairs. The escalators have been down for like 3 years now which is very upsetting. Every other day they are renovating the elevators and it’s taking forever. I wish this was taken more seriously. I created this gif using the scene from “The Office,” where Stanley has a heart attack after Dwight started a fake fire.

When Ryan said we had to introduce ourselves. I have always been a shy, reserved person. When a professor says “state your name, major, etc,” my natural reaction is to go hide somewhere. I found this gif perfect because I love dogs and I find everything they do is adorable.

When I realized that this class is all about making gifs and memes. I have never taken a stress-free class like this before.

Me coming in Thursday mornings exhausted but excited

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