Are Meme’s Art (Marvin’s Thoughts)

Memes ARE a type of art. I totally think this. Sure, compared to the paintings you see in museums, they may not have much of that, uh, “higher taste” or “refined” nature that you would see, but they can be achieve the same purpose as those paintings.

They can be simple and portray relatable feelings of our day to day lives, they can be abstract and maybe appeal to a niche number of people. They can often times become iconic symbols for a generation of people, like most pop culture items can be categorized based on the year they originated and became synonymous with. If not that, they can be categorized based on the subculture or even the counter-culture that made them. Andy Warhol’s work defined an art style, memes is just something that was defined by the collective community as a way to express their feelings and beliefs, for better or for worse. You can even rate how good or bad they are like art, though with memes, thought I would empathize how much more subjective that is here.

All in all, memes are great. Sure, some can be low brow, or just not good. But that’s how the things we have work. You think every abstract painting is good cause it’s abstract? No (even thought I’m no good at interpreting abstract art). And you know what? Ct101 will be fun for letting me make memes.

Author: MMatias

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