What makes me happy on the internet

A lot of things make me happy on the internet among them memes, funny soccer GIF, and funny videos on YouTube/Facebook.

I am a big soccer fan. I invest a lot of time watching  La Liga Santander , the Premier League, the Major League Soccer (MLS), etc.

This was at the 2018 world cup the Brazilian goalkeeper popped a balloon that was on the pitch. However someone thought it would be funny to show the goalkeeper bursts instead of the balloon. The first time I was watching the GIF, I was expecting the keeper to slip to show how strong the balloon is or something else. I did not think about the keeper bursting instead of the balloon. This GIF makes me think  about walking to a class expecting an easy A, then realizing after the first week of class you cannot get an higher grade than a C.


For some reason this guy was trying to kick the penalty spot for the ball. I guess this is one way to fool your opponent. Maybe this move was rehearsed in training.

If a game is boring, there are many ways to get out of it. This number 5 just found a new way. You can go to the dressing room in the middle of the game  just ask your opponent to help you like the number 3 in this GIF.


Whenever you hear the word “grade” this should be your answer.


When it comes to funny videos on YouTube and Facebook that make me happy, I watch this guy–>here.

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