Flashback To First Day Of CT 101

I remember having a hard time getting up that morning because I was watching Netflix all night.

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My class starts at 10:00am, I woke up at 9:15am. It was the first day and I wanted to look good. I took my sweet little time to get ready.

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I thought I could make it on time but it only hit me when I got stuck on the train. It’s funny because I was only one stop away from the station. As time passed I kept looking at my watch and shaking my legs.

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I was probably the last one to get in the class. I was lost like a puppy. I didn’t know where to sit because almost all the sits were taken. I ended up going to Ryan’s computer. And obviously, he asked me to sit somewhere else. He was really nice but you know it was just embarrassing.

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Anyways, as Ryan was telling us about the class and explaining what we will be doing throughout the semester, I wanted to pay attention, I really tried but I had to turn my head all the way because he was standing in the middle. I pretty much broke my neck that day lol.

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The class ended at 11:50am. I walked out happily but with a bit of pain. I was happy because the class seemed pretty interesting. I loved how Ryan made everything so easy and simple. I knew this class was going to be exciting and so much fun. I coudn’t  wait  to  start  writing  my  Blogs.

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