My All Time Weakness: The Internet!!

As the world evolves and new innovations are created the Internet , to this day remains the best innovation of ALL time. Without the internet there would be no such thing as Netflix, Pinterest , Youtube  and of course Instagram.

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Ever heard of Netflix and Chill?. Well Netflix is my life, minus the chill. I’ve pulled many all nighters for the sake of watching my favorite shows. Would you believe me if I said I finished Grey’s Anatomy in 1 month.  Yes I said ONE MONTH. This is a show with 14, count it,14 SEASONS!!!!

Next in line  is Pinterest. There are many forms of addicts but in another world, I would be considered a Pinterest addict.  Every second of the day I’m searching for new outfit, photography, hairstyle ideas, life quotes and MEMES!!! I believe a persons’s life  would not be complete without Pinterest.

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 Youtube. The video-sharing website/app that allows for millions of videos to be viewed time and time again.  When I’m not binge watching shows on Netflix, Youtube is my second form of “TV”. Catching up on the latest drama channels to binge watching videos of the dark side of Youtube is typically what 85% of my day consist of.

Here’s an example  of interesting videos I come across while on Youtube

Last but not least, INSTAGRAM. The app that takes up the remaining 15% of my life.  They say Alcohol is a drug but Instagram is the ultimate drug. People will scroll through  one page one minute and the next they look up and 3 hours has passed. People. I am those people.

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