Reactions to CT 101

When I signed up for CT 101 and thought digital story telling would mean I would be writing blog posts every week.

Then, first day of class, Ryan says “no final exam” and “no research paper”

My joy got higher when i heard “you get to make memes and gifs”

Even more cool!!

So, here is my first gif ever. I troubleshot it a couple of times but I think it looks decent.

“Your sweater looks good, aunt Tracy”

This second gif I created is an accurate representation of me thinking of what to do for this assignment.

But, I’m looking forward to a fun semester where I don’t have to read and just get to have fun on the internet.

This is how I get ready to go to class every Tuesday morning.

Momentarily sad that it will be over in thirteen weeks.

Eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Author: Angel Adegbesan

I'm a Journalism major and I hate chocolate ice cream

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