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SUMMER WALKER :I am currently obsessed with Summer Walker, her music appeals to girls who are kind of going through heartbreak  but even when I am perfectly fine I still cannot stop listening to her music. I love her sound as well as her personality, she’s just herself and she isn’t afraid to be herself. I follow her on instagram as well.

POP SMOKE: I like watching genius interviews and seeing how rappers and singers came up with their lyrics and their explanations behind it.This is currently my favorite because he is so relaxed and chill. He seems like he’s speaking to a friend,especially with how relaxed her was; The vibe was calm.





LIZZO is everything to me right now, she is body positive, she is HILARIOUS and she is herself with no apologies. There is little to no representation for big girls so having her come out and embrace her curves and everything about how she looks is like a breath of fresh air. I think it was well needed especially for the chunky little girls growing up in this world.


GLEE!! Another obsession of mine, but specifically Finn and Rachel. I spend way too much time looking at their scenes on youtube specifically this one. I act and one day I hope to get a role where i have to break up with someone that i love in a painful emotion filled scene and THIS scene is perfection! This is where I will pull my inspiration from.

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Lover of memes and laughter, I laugh entirely too much and it often gets me into trouble. Future Oscar winner, changing the lives of chunky brown girls everywhere. Amanda 4 Prez. (haha not really though, nooo thank you)

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