This Is Najeebah’s Internet Happiness

Various things make me happy on the internet, such as funny videos, artistic works, memes, music, the beautiful scenery of nature and travel photos, etc.
In this post, I choose to focus on two things out of the many things that make me happy on the internet.


Fashion is a form of self-expression which expresses one’s attitudes or personality without verbal expression. Fashion trends are constantly changing, which makes it thrilling and is everywhere from celebrities outfits, fashion magazine like Vogue to watching videos and images on fashion week.

Even though I love watching fashion trends, I, however, do not follow them as they are short-lived, I invest in style. Style is unique, personal, and is timeless. I love online shopping as I see a ray of different clothing and accessories that I can incorporate in my outfit at a click of a button. This makes me happy as not just a form of expression, but also affecting my overall mood of feeling good.


 Anime fills me with a range of emotions because I can relate to the characters development, emotions, complex stories in relationships, and their life. Occasionally, I will look at fan art, memes, and read manga based on the anime I watch. Overall, anime makes me happy as there is imagination mix with reality which makes life more interesting than just dull reality. This could be a reason why I’m also fascinated by Greek mythology, astrology, and conspiracy theories.

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