What Makes Angel Happy

With this assignment, a lot of things make me happy on the internet that I cannot pick just one. However, one TV show is making me extremely happy right now.

I am an avid fan of drama, suspense and the occasional comedy TV shows. Like chocolate ice cream, I hate watching thriller and horror shows/movies. (This is me right here watching horror)

Anyways, I recently got hooked up on this thriller(so unlike me) BBC America show titled Killing Eve

Ok, Let’s begin

The show is about a British Intelligence spy and a Russian assassin who basically play a game of cat and mouse with each other. Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri, the spy and Jodie Comer plays Villanelle (which I believe is an obvious play on the word “villain”, lol), the assassin.

You’re doing great. Keep reading

Most of the time, I only start to watch a show after its completed its first season and I read reviews to consider whether I want to watch it or not. For example, shows like Dynasty, Bull, Good Girls. There are a couple of exceptions though-looking at you Euphoria and Grown-ish.

With that being said, Killing Eve has great reviews and has been nominated and won so many awards including the Peabody award. The actors have also won awards for their outstanding  performances.

So, here is the shortest summary ever I could think of that would not spoil anything if not too much. The spy forms a team in MI6 and go on the hunt for an assassin with no pattern that they have to prove exists. (I told you it was a thriller) Check this out.

Alright, I’ll shut up now and let you go watch it.

Ok, Bye!!!!!!!


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