Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet!

I enjoy looking at different types of food on the internet, especially the ones that are originated from the Middle East, Latin America, Italian, Guinea, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. Being able to search on the internet the type of food I want and the location they are at makes me really happy. Another reason as to why I like the food from these countries is due to its spices. I love spicy food and seeing images of it on the internet makes me really happy.

Kebab in Gilgit

I do not hate food that’s not spicy but I am not a big fan of it either. There is no such thing as “in the middle”. It has to be spicy or just sweet. I enjoy eating any type of dessert as long as it includes chocolate, coffee, and cocoa. One of my favorite places to visit for dessert is “GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES” which you can easily find on the internet. 

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