Thanos Snapped, This is the END

Mannnnnn I can’t believe this is the end of the semester and this is the last blog post for CT 101! As sad as I am to be ending this class, I am so glad this semester is overrrrrr! LOL okay okay enough of that,let’s get on with the great things I learned this semester because I definitely learned a lot. The first thing I learned how to create in this class was how to create GIF’s. Now listen, I’m not really tech savvy so when I heard about this activity I was a little nervous    

But it turns out, it’s pretty darn easy! All you have to do is go to a clip on YouTube, copy and paste the link to and edit the time you want to loop! That’s it and that’s all!

The second thing I learned how to create was an averaged portrait, which is a compilation of pictures into one photo. I used Malcolm X as the model for  my project and this is how it looks.

I would post this everyday if I could because I love how it turned out. This was a process for me because I wanted everything to look right. This isn’t as simple as the GIF project but it is not that hard. All you have to do is get a collection of photos of the same person and merge them together using photoshop. The hardest part is finding the collections of pictures!

The third thing I learned how to create was an animated portrait, now this was a little difficult for me but at the same time it wasn’t hard, just like everything else. I used one of my inspirations,Yara Shahidi, who is an amazing young actress.

It was really exciting seeing this with everyone elses work too. I feel like everyone did a great job with this and I am so happy I learned how to do this!

The fourth thing I learned how to create or remake was a vintage poster. Now I was using photoshop for the first time this semester so I didn’t realize how much you can do with it. So when I found out you could get rid of word and add new ones I was amazed. Even removing certain images from the pictures is possible. I was able to remove letters and add my own as well as adding additional images to the posters.  I wanted my poster to be random so I added some of my favorite cartoon characters and the CT 101 class is in the bus. I was so pleased with how this came out.

The last thing I learned how to create was vaporwave. I never heard of this before this class and I am so glad that  I learned about this type of artwork. This was my favorite assignment too, and it’s way easier than it looks. Basically the first thing I did was create a background that matched the color scheme that I was planning to use then I changed the gradient to make it look like one solid color blending into another one. All the images I used  I looked up on google transparent vaporwave images to match the background. I chose the ones that I thought looked the coolest so it wasn’t at random. And all together everything looks good in my opinion.

Did I say vaporwave was my favorite thing that I created? Well I didn’t mean that LOL I really meant……….MAKING A WEBSITE!!!! Omg making my own website was so exciting and I am definitely going to keep up with it! I need to still work on the design because I feel like I just want it to stay plain but at the same time I want it too have everything so my ideas are still loading. Stay tuned though because I will be adding new pictures during the summerrrrr. My website is 


All in all I learned a lot this semester, I worked hard to stay on top of all the assignments and be my most creative self. I think after the end of the semester I deserve a B+ or an A-. I worked hard but I could’ve done better, you can always do better. I really appreciate how great the semester was in this class, Ryan is such a great professor I could take this class again. THANK YOU RYAN!!!!! P.S. I feel so powerful because I know I am finally finished with all my classes and I can finally sleep!!! MOOOOOD!!!!


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  1. Skylar, Great work on this and all that you have completed this semester! You rocked CT101 with so many new skills!
    Thank you so much!
    Good Energy!

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