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Last post huh 🤔 wow its been a hot minute since the last time I posted sighh.. Just been soo lazy. I remember my first post on CT 101 where I “promised” to post every day or at least try to…… But I feel like I learned allot in this class. My favorite part of this class was that you got a free website domain and we learned how to make websites.  I really enjoyed this class and this was a class that I always looked forward to going to.

In this class I learned how to use photoshop as well as how to make gifs manually which was really cool as well as gave me an insight on what I want to do. One thing I learned from exploring on my own was how to secure your site as well as how to add favicon(those little icons right next to your website) Here are the links to my posts about them  Secure ur site and how to add more.

Since the beginning of the class my website has been up and down because I didn’t know what i wanted to do but I now sorta have an idea. heres my website btw PKadminRai where i post about the games I would actually support and put money into.  One of the franchises that I would support is Pokemon because it was a part of my childhood and I grew up with it as well.

I suppose this is a goodbye but not really, I would post here if i get bored but yeh.

PS- whoever made the pikachu gif please take credit for it down below in the comments. Its not mine but it fit really well with my post, hope thats ok.

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  1. Great work this semester!
    Thank you for the great work and participation! Lol, and the two best tutorials!
    Have a great summer!

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