Farewell CT101

Current mood while doing the final assignment for CT101….

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Wow, I must say this semester went by really fast. It feels just like yesterday that I am buying new notebooks and pens to complete my final semester at York. Fast forward four months and I am now one week away from being a college graduate. The reason why this semester went by so quick mainly has to do with me taking CT101. Overall CT101 was a fun class where I learned a lot of new things that I thought I would never learn. Starting from GIFs, having our own blog site, and even vapor-wave art. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT VAPOR-WAVE WAS!!! LOL. But I had a blast making own vapor-wave, which I believe I did a good job on.

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I was able to learn how to properly hyperlink and how can I forget photo shop. CT101 taught me how to actually use photo shop in an effective way. In particular I enjoyed the website that CT101 provided for us because it gave us a platform to create and publish our own content. I happened to use my site as a blog post website where I practically talked about everything such as fashion, travelling, CT101 classwork, sports, photography etc. I plan on maintaining the website and keeping the way it is, me talking about what’s on my mind. That way I am not secluded to one particular audience. Rather I am touching multiple audiences who will be interested in my content.




Overall I had a blast while taking this class, but I know I could have done better. Therefore I believe I earned a C or a C+ in the course. That being said it was a pleasure Mr. Seslow and I appreciate all that you taught, you were great!!!!!!!


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