Thank You CT101!

Entering the class of CT101, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, before class, I was pretty nervous because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to perform and adapt well in class. We were introduced with Adobe Photoshop. As soon as I notice we were going to use that, I feared that it’ll take so much time to get use to because of how complex it was. However, I was afraid for nothing.

It wasn’t bad at all. Using Photoshop, I actually enjoyed every part of it. Thanks to Professor Ryan, we learned many different features and how to manipulate an image. We learned numerous of things such as, creating a GIF Portrait, Vapor Wave, Averaged Portrait, and more.

The work that I highly enjoyed working is the GIF Portrait! Creating your own gif portrait was really fun, however the process of making one was very time consuming. Remembering and following the steps were complex, so listening to every detail that was stated is a must. Other than that, I was able to create a GIF Portrait of Steve Carell.

I think that applying photoshop into my world outside of class will definitely be an important tool to use to improve my editing skills on the images I take. I really love taking pictures, and for me to use photoshop can make an image look so much better. With a whole variety of features in photoshop, editing has never been more fun!

Maintaining my website,, became a daily routine for me. Ever since I made this website, I feel obligated to continue posting because I really enjoy posting the things I worked on. Every post that is updated, I feel satisfied and happy for myself. Hopefully, I will continue to progress with my website and the content that is posted.

Overall, CT101 was amazing and by far, one of my favorite class I have taken. Working hard on all the assignments, it was worth my time, and I had a blast! I really enjoy being in the classroom too, for I have not missed a day throughout the semester.  To be completely honest, if I were to give myself a grade, I would give myself an A+, because I was able to work hard and happily complete all my assignments and improve on my website.

I will truly miss having CT101. I am very thankful for this amazing semester, and thank you Professor Ryan! I hope all of you have a healthy and happy summer! 🙂


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