Final Blog Post

CT101 was was one of the best classes Ive ever taken in my college career because I was really able to express myself in both blog posts and my website. Just like any other class there will be some ups and downs.

I really enjoyed making GIFs and  memes. These are the types f skills I will continue to use in  my website.  Here are some of my honorary mentions :


There were also times whereI had many downfalls and struggled with completed some of the assignments. For example, I really struggled using photoshop it was difficult for me to grasp the different concepts and had to start over assignments over again which was very frustrating. Here are some of the assignmnets I stuggled with.

Using DS106


Using DS106 was difficult because  I didn’t fully understand how to use photoshop. When completing assignments I accidentally press something on photoshop and the whole assignment would be ruined. I had to recieve helpfrom other classmates in order to complete assignmnets.

Furthermore, in the future I plan to maintain my website because its fun. It’ll be really fun to document the products , food, and places I go to.  I could use youtube as guide to help me transform my website into something bigger.

In conclusion cT101 was a class I would definetly recoomend someone to take this course. It was both educational and fun. If i were to give my self a grade I’d give myself a A- because I completed all the posts to the best of my ability but at the same time improve on posting more content on my website. I will truly miss this class.


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