Thank You CT 101

As seamster is approached near the end which means is CT101  class is near the end too. Which makes me I don’t want to depart from this class because so far this class is one of my favorite class. Moreover, from this class, I learned lots of new things by using photoshop. Even though before I used photoshop but, I never used photoshop to create anything like celebrity gif, Memes, Vaporwave and vintage travel post where I wanted to travel in the future.
I am really not sure what grade I am getting in this class but, I did finish all my works for this class so, I think I will get above” B”. The most enjoy about this class is that every day we learning new things which makes me exciting to be in class every time when it Tuesday. Since I study lots of new things in this class I will differently use these skills in the future like creating a traveling post for the company and created memes and Vaporwave for my own websites. I will keep maintain up my website by post things that make happy because I love to share my happiness with people who think it makes happy them. So, I will love to keep my work continues.

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