It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to CT101

The semester has finally come to an end and I’m upset to depart with CT101 and Ryan seeing as how I really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot of new skills that I never really knew before or was interested in.


The most interesting skillset that I learned in CT101 class would have to be learning my way around Photoshop which is what we used a lot for our projects such as the Vaporwave, the Vintage Travel Poster and the Celebrity GIF we made based on the people who inspire us or influence us in life.

Even though, it’s nice and could be convenient if I plan to take another Communications Technology class at CUNY York College which I do plan to enroll in CT201 with Professor Larry Tung next year Spring which will be my last semester before I graduate. You know to rack up the last few credits I will need. I don’t think I will use the Photoshop Application very much. The grade I think I earned in CT101 would be either an A or A-. I completed all the assignments and posted on my site whenever I could. I do plan to maintain and keep up with my site but I hope to upload more news articles to pursue my journalism career as like a digital footprint for possible internships or maybe even landing a professional career with a magazine company here in New York.

I really enjoyed this class and Ryan. Every Tuesday I looked forward to CT101 except you know waking up at 8 am to arrive to class on time. Ryan is a very cool, kind, and understanding professor at York and unlike any other instructor I’ve taken within the 3 years of my college journey which in my opinion makes him the absolute best. If only Ryan taught more than one class at York. I would highly recommend enrolling in CT101 with Ryan. He’s great, the class is really fun and cool as well as there’s no textbook to buy or extensive homework to complete.




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