Final Post (bye bye CT 101)

Oh wow, can’t imagine this semester is almost over. In this class, we have been playing a lot of features on Photoshop, we also made our own GIFs, memes, etc. It’s fun playing around and create whatever on Photoshop. Professor Seslow is really open to our ideas and let us do whatever. Anyways, well done to everyone in this class 😊

We have learned using different features on photoshop such as filter gallery, fill, how to zoom in using keyboard, etc. I think I will get A or A+ because I did pretty good on my blog posts and my personal website lol

Speaking of personal website, we learned how to customize our own website and make it more unique. We downloaded different plug-ins and made the website more useful. I made mine like a portfolio site because I always put photos that I took and write a blog post about them.

The project I enjoyed the most was the vaporwave project. I like the colors and the images I put on my vaporwave. It looks messy but organized (if it makes sense lol). I like the feeling of it because it gives me a dream liked, Sci-Fi feeling.

The most difficult or complicated project is the DS 106 post. We followed the assignment “Averaged Portrait.” Basically, we need to put multiple pictures in one. I, as a perfectionist, erased the background of the pictures and combine them together. However, the tone of those images are different, so I needed to tone them all and made them look similar to each other. I am quite impressed with the result. We can see all three images while having the same background.

I start to know to how edit my pictures through Photoshop because of this class. I can remove the things I don’t want on my images using “fill.” I can overlap my pictures and make it more artistic. I can make GIFs so my blog post can seem more interesting.

I may not post on CT 101 site but I will definitely keep up my personal website. During the upcoming summer vacation, I will able to go out more and take more pictures. I will post some pictures I took by film camera as well. I am really excited to see how my website will grow and hopefully more people will see my work.

I am glad I took CT 101 this semester, it has been a really fun class. Being with lots of positive classmates and seeing the comments you guys put under my posts make me happy and want to continue what I am doing.

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