Exploring one of my favorite website


In today’s class, we are doing on a great assignment that we have the opportunity to explore or discovered websites done by our classmates. I felt pleasure to do this assignment because it actually gives a chance to see lots of great works done by different people on different subjects. Which makes me enjoy and also give me new knowledge about other people work.

Through my observation, I saw there are lots of great website with different great ideas about how to create websites. But, one of the websites real grabs my full attention to it is Kiana’s website. From her website, I saw there is lots of great artwork done by her self. Based on her artwork I can sense lots of different feels that makes me I wanted to study arts and also want to discover new great arts too. Before, I really don’t like that about arts after I saw her artworks. I felt more curious about the background story for each artwork because I know that most artworks have always had great histories with millions of different expression too. Overall, I really everyone’s websites.


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