My Final Blog Post

This semester went by so fast and I’m really sad to be honest. I really liked this class and has so much fun being here. My favorite part about this class was making the website! I never thought I’d have a website but now I do! I haven’t made a lot of posts but I will keep up with it more now and will continue to upload.

I think I’ve earned an A in this class because I’ve only been absent once and have no missing work. I’ve done all of my work in class and emailed you links when asked.

My proudest achievement of this class was making the vaporwave:

I’ve never been this creative with Photoshop before so this was challenging to me but I still did it and I like how it ended up!

This class has given me the basic Photoshop skills for me to keep practicing on my own and growing the more I try.

And with all of that being said, this is my final sign off. Good luck everyone and goodbye!

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