Goodbye Ct101

Man the semester has come to an end so fast and I think of all my classes this whole first semester i think this class was my favorite of them all. I learned a few online art skills and i got a chance to start my very own website that relates to basketball and a few people read it and think it is coming along very well. I have learned how to play with different art tools in customizing images to make them a jpg file.

We also learned how to make gifs which I think was the most fun part of the class and the most enjoyable part for me.

If I am being honest with myself I think that i deserve anywhere from a B- to an B because I have missed quite a few classes but I understood the materials and completed all assignments throughout the course and post blog posts regularly.

I will though keep up my website because i do feel confident and do love posting my blogs about things that interest me and other basketball players of the world and this is being part of a sports analysis/journalist so I am getting a good feel for it.

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