Vaporwave collage::

For this post I added a couple of things that I think fit into the Vaporwave aesthetic. Boba was added mainly because it looks cute when digitalized and I included peaches from Phoenix’s 2013 album Bankrupt! The album cover reminded me of the aesthetic when we spoke about it in class. Gudetama a Sanrio character was added, it fits in with the aesthetic I think. A gamecube icon was added and its colors are bright and match the galactic colors seen in vaporwave works.  I added an art piece by Meret Oppenheim a surrealist artist, called Object (The Luncheon in Fur).  The piece was inspired by a conversation the artist once had with Picasso when he remarked after looking t her fur bracelet that one “..could cover anything with fur.” and she replied “Even this cup and saucer.” I learned about this piece from A Piece of Work a podcast that was hosted by Abbi Jacobson. In her podcast she delves into pieces of art with guests. I was able to complete this vaporwave post by using Photopea at home. It was easy to use and only found it because tarnjitx3 used it in their Vaporwave post as well.

2 thoughts on “Vaporwave collage::”

  1. wahh boba, its one of my favorite toppings to add with milk tea. I love boba and thai iced tea and i think the boba in ur collage really pops.

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