Near The End of The Semester…

It’s almost about that time again. Another end to a successful semester. With less than a week of classes left, I’m reflecting on how this past semester was kind-of like a tug-of-war game.

Between starting the semester with 5 classes then dropping one class because I didn’t like the course load or the professor’s teaching methods in ENG286 and working constantly this past year. I work as a server at an upscale Italian Venue located in Howard Beach. Considering that from February until now, it’s been super busy with people/families planning parties/events because of the warmer weather and busy season. I’ve been tired and sleepy so much because I’ve been working non-stop and sometimes even working double shifts running on very little or no sleep.

And I love my sleep; for me to function and get through a very long day, I would need more than 8 hours of sleep. If not, the alternative would be for me to buy a large French Vanilla Iced Coffee with Milk and Sugar from Dunkin Donuts.

Although, I have enjoyed the classes I selected for this semester. They are: CT101: Digital Storytelling, HE342: Drug Use & Abuse, JOUR387: Ethics & Law of Journalism and HUM110: Film Studies. I picked mostly electives to fulfill the requirement and because I didn’t want to have too much of a course load like I did this past Fall. I learned a lot from all my Professors at York and really enjoyed their teaching methods, and their ability to explain or help me with an issue.



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