We Have Come Along Way!

Last weekend’s assignment was to share our websites with our classmates and to check a few out and I must say we all have come a long way from that blank canvas we started with. Whether it be a changed theme, vibrant colors, or just great content, the transformation into a true website has been amazing.

One particular website that caught my attention was https://nflfeelsthebern.com

Now I may be a little biased considering I am a huge sports fan and quite the Bernie Sanders supporter myself, but I won’t let that get in the way of my analysis of the website itself. I thought the content itself is great. I enjoyed the Bernie Visits the Fox’s Den post because I did not see the live event. But the post which I was drawn to was the Bernie Kickoff Rally for 2020 at Brooklyn College. The multitude of photos followed up by the gif flows nicely. The background of the entire website is fitting, a simple “I support Bernie” message.

I’ll be checking on the website, especially once the NFL season starts up. I’m intrigued about your future coverage of the NFL.

2 thoughts on “We Have Come Along Way!”

  1. Thank you!! I appreciate it! I am looking forward to covering more about the NFL, I have an upcoming post about the draft this season so keep a look out for it!

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